🔧 Create a bot

Through the UpBots interface you can create your own trading bot to execute your trading strategy on your behalf through a simple point and click wizard.

This feature is under development. You will find all the information about this tool as soon as it is officially released.

Feature Explanation

Create a bot is a very powerful tool where UpBots users can simply follow a wizard to create their own algorithm trading bot, which they can then set to trade on any of their exchange accounts.

As you can see in the image above, the Bot Creator Wizard has 5 steps of configuration, none requiring coding knowledge. Knowledge of how to set up Trading View Alerts is however a big advantage if you wish to make your bot really complex.

Once configured you will be able to activate or de-activate your bot as you please as well as tracking it's performance in your portfolio section.

More details and step by step guides will be available just before this feature is launched.

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