How to Swap
Below is a comprehensive guide to swapping crypto on the UpBots platform.

What is swapping?

Swapping is the process of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, all without having to use fiat. There are several ways to swap crypto on CEXs and DEXs, however, with the UpBots platform you'll be able to swap decentralized tokens on a variety of DEXs.
In a blink of an eye, you can set the crypto pair you wish to exchange, browse a variety of supported DEXs through our decentralized exchange aggregator, and efficiently swap your crypto.

How to swap your crypto

Step 1 Connect your Metamask wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button to the right. Then approve the connection.
Once your wallet is connected you may update its balance by hitting the provided Refresh button.
Step 2 Choose the token you wish to buy, and the token you wish to swap, from the provided drop down menus. You can use the Swap button in the middle to switch the respective buy/swap tokens.
Provide the amount of tokens you wish to purchase and adjust the slippage for the swap as you see fit. Note: Max slippage per swap is 5%
When the swap details look correct, click the Search button to browse the list of available DEXs for the swap.
Step 3 View the list of available DEXs for the swap below in the aggregator.
If there are certain DEXs you wish to browse you may select/deselect them in the list to the left. The aggregator list will be updated, displaying only the selected exchanges.
When you find the swap you wish to make, click the corresponding Buy Direct button to conduct the swap.
That is all to swapping through our DEX aggregator! Congrats on successfully swapping your crypto.