The UpBots DAO
In this section you can learn about the UpBots DAO and how you can take part and help shape UpBots.

What is a DAO?

A decentralised autonomous organisation(DAO) is an internet-native organization that's collectively owned and managed by its community. Decisions are governed by proposals and voting to ensure everyone in the organisation has a voice.

Governance Rules

Even though UpBots operates as a registered company with a verified public team, we strongly believe in transparency and decentralisation and always seek to move further in this direction where possible. As a result we have began building our DAO to allow the community to vote and have more input on various aspects of the organization.
To begin with there must be a set of rules which are in place to secure the UpBots company along with investors and UBXT holders. The initial rules define what can and cannot be voted on and are not subject to being voted on themselves, at least to begin with.

General elements

  • the question asked must be neutral.
  • Any malicious questions or requests for votes aiming to negitivly affect the business of UpBots will be automatically deleted.
  • Proposals must remain within the framework accepted by these rules. Proposals that do not meet these requirements will be automatically rejected.

Topics excluded from submission to the DAO (non-exhaustive list)

  • Selection of the team members
  • Change of legal or financial (not tokens) situations
  • Modification of the % of perf fees received by UpBtos company
  • Price manipulation
  • Listing - linked to legal restrictions and non-disclosure agreements.

Non-exhaustive list of subjects that may be submitted to the DAO

  • General design of the interface and website
  • IT & Marketing strategic decisions & partnerships
  • Burning allocation for perf fees & vaults
  • Algos added/withdraw in algo rental section
  • Selection of Master Traders
  • Platform feature suggestions
  • IT Development roadmap priorities
  • Tokenomic improvements (except token creation)
  • Use of the UBXT in the development fund
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What is a DAO?
Governance Rules