DAO Tutorial
This section covers the DAO process in more detail and explains how to start proposals and take part in voting.

Start a Proposal

Holding 1% of the supply or more will allow users to directly start proposals on Snapshot. This barrier to entry allows major holders to start proposals but prevents spam and bad actors from using the platform.
If you wish to start a proposal but do not hold more than 1% of the UBXT supply, then it's still possible but first you must gain the communities support to begin the proposal process. To gain the communities support, make a proposal suggestion in Discord in the Proposal-suggestions channel. If there is considerable community backing for a suggested proposal the proposal process will begin and a new channel for the proposal discussions and voting will be created.

Proposal Discussion

When a proposal begins community discussion is usually required in order to come to consensus on the specific details of the proposal. There will be a room in discord for any ongoing proposals where anyone in the community can take part and share their ideas in regards to the proposal then form and take part in the voting process.

Voting on proposals

For now we are using Snapshot for voting with UBXT. Snapshot is easy to use, allows wallets holding UBXT to vote which each UBXT counting as 1 vote.
To vote on an exsisting propsoal, head over to the UpBots Snapshot page, connect your wallet and select the proposal you wish to vote on.
To vote on a proposal, head over to the UpBots snapshot page, connect the DeFi wallet you are holding UBXT on and select the proposal vote you wish to take part in.
Then select the option you wish to vote for, click "vote" and confirm the transaction in Metamask(no tx fee required). Your UBXT voting power will then be added to the overall votes. You can change your vote if required by voting again to move your voting power to a different choice.
Note that NO transactions fees are required to vote and voters do not need to spend their UBXT to take part in a vote. Snapshot simply creates a snapshot of all wallets on the ETH and BSC blockchain at the exact time the vote starts. Any wallet that was holding UBXT at the time the vote started will have the right to vote, with each UBXT they hold counting as 1 vote.

Creating a propsoal on Snapshot

To create a proposal head over to the Snapshot UpBots page, connect your wallet and click "New proposal" (currently you will need to own at least 1% of the total supply to do this.)
Then fill in the required information, vote type and hit publish, sign the trsanaction in your wallet(no gas fee) and this will create the proposal for the rest of the community to vote on.
Once the proposal vote has been created it is then possible for the rest of the community who where holding UBXT at the time the vote started to take part and vote.