Governance Process
In this section you can learn how the process of governance works and how proposals start and consensus may be reached on a proposal.

Classical Process

To begin with the DAO will follow the following process to make suggestions, begin proposals and determine outcomes.

Stage One

All the community members can suggest an idea on Discord, in the governance room, under β€œnew suggestions”
If the suggestion gets a minimum of 20 ❀️ from other members of the community, the suggestion is added on Snapshot for 3 days. At this stage, the question is to know if we start a discussion about that topic or not.

Stage Two

If we have a majority of positive votes on Snapshot, we open a proposal room on Discord, and warn the users on the networks. The community can then discuss the different possibilities until we see some consensus. If not, the proposal is rejected.
After 3 days, if several options are still on the table and no consensus is reached, a new poll is launched on Snapshot to let the community vote for the best option. The duration of the vote is 3 days. If no consensus is reached, the proposal is rejected.

Stage Three

By the final stage we have the proposal and the proposed solution. A new poll is launched on Snapshot, and a final decision is made whether to go forward on the proposal or not. During 3 days, the community can vote for the final outcome.
At the end of that period:
  1. 1.
    The vote is negative, the suggestion is rejected
  2. 2.
    the vote is positive, the suggestion is validated

Direct Vote

  • A poll can be done directly on Snapshot if the UBXT holder has more than 1% of the total supply of UBXT.
  • The vote is valid for minimum 7 days and maximum 30 days
  • The user has to add the topic on Discord and contact the team in the next 12h.