UBXN Launch - FAQ

In light of recent events we are pleased to inform you that it has been decided to move forward by making some very important changes in our strategy, our token and our tokenomics. We are confident that these changes will have a positive impact on the long term of the UpBots eco-system.
Make sure to add the new contract addresses in your hot & cold wallet.
The old UBXT Contracts
ETH : 0x8564653879a18C560E7C0Ea0E084c516C62F5653
BSC : 0xBbEB90cFb6FAFa1F69AA130B7341089AbeEF5811
The new UBXN Contracts
ETH : 0x7A73839bd0e5cdED853cB01aa9773F8989381065
BSC : 0xc822bb8f72c212f0f9477ab064f3bdf116c193e6
Please, find bellow the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer, go to our Chat and our team will answer you.
Why was UBXN created?
How/when will the change take place?
What will be the liquidity of the UBXN?
What will I have to do and when?
I have tokens on BSC or ETH, do I have to do anything special?
How to swap my UBXT into UBXN?