Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too.
Pivoting is a way of life.
That means that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines, so we can organize our development priorities based on market changes and developer resources.


  • Pending
    • Vaults updated on USDC
    • Launch on ETH Network
    • Launch on
  • Done
    • Deployment of the Vault Smart contract
    • Adding more algos & vaults
    • Deployment of the website
    • Letting investors adding capital in "base" as well.
    • Creation of the 8 first Vaults connected to Algos
    • Charts & more data available
    • Creation of the Super-Vault, sharing the capital on the top 5 performers


  • Pending
    • New farming pool for external tokens
  • Done
    • UBXN Staking pools
    • LP Staking pool
    • USDT Vault
    • Farming website page on superbots


  • Done
    • New website
    • New branding
    • List/Grid View of vauls