⚙️Technical Overview

SuperBots Backend: A Quick Technical Overview

In this section, we will provide more explanation of how SuperBots functions on the backend, with a focus on the algorithms and security measures in place. Our advanced system is designed to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency for our users.

By implementing these advanced features and security measures, SuperBots ensures a reliable and secure platform for automated trading, giving our users confidence in the system and the knowledge that their investments are in safe hands.

  1. Encrypted Algorithm Storage: The trading algorithms, whether created by our team or the community, are securely stored on encrypted servers. This ensures that only authorized access is permitted, and the algorithms remain safe from unauthorized manipulation.

  2. Signal Generation and Smart Contracts: When a trading signal is generated, the server processes the trade through an encrypted Whitelisted Smart Contract, to which only the server has access. This Smart Contract then forwards the trade to the corresponding vault.

  3. Vault Execution: Upon receiving the trade, the vault executes the position at 100% using an aggregator such as 1inch. This aggregator optimizes the trade for the best available price while minimizing slippage.

  4. Sell Signal Process: When a sell signal is generated on the backend, the same secure process is followed as with the buy signal, ensuring a consistent and secure trading process.

  5. Multi-layered Security: The entire system is designed with multiple layers of encryption and security measures to prevent any unauthorized access or manipulation. Human interaction is limited, ensuring that trades are only initiated by the server.

  6. No Developer Interference: Algorithm developers cannot interact with their algorithms once they are uploaded to the server. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted trades being initiated and ensures the integrity of the system.

  7. Single Trading Pair Vaults: Vaults are designed to trade only one specific trading pair, preventing any unintended token purchases. This focused approach guarantees that each vault operates within its designated parameters.

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