How to Deposit/Withdraw?

The use of the trading vaults is simple and intuitive; here is the process to deposit and withdraw your money

A. Make a deposit

Deposits must be in one of the two cryptos of the peer.

If you add "quote" tokens while the bot is open, the tokens will be directly converted to "Base". This could affect the performance of your first trade. To reduce the risk on your first trade, we recommend adding capital when the position is "closed", so in Quote.

Example on the ETH-BUSD bot. If the bot is currently in ETH and you add BUSD, it will be immediately converted to ETH.

Conversely, if the bot is in BUSD and you add ETH, they will be immediately converted into BUSD. nb : Base/Quote - ETH/BUSD. ETH = base. BUSD = quote.

  1. To add capital, you first need to approve the smart contract.

2. Then valdiate the transaction in your wallet

3. You will now be able to deposit tokens by typing the amount or by using the bar. Then click on "Deposit" and validate the transaction in your wallet.

B. Make a withdraw

When you deposit your funds on one of the SuperBots vaults, your share in the vault is calculated according to the amount deposited and you receive xUBXT. The number of xUBXT in your possession is visible just above the withdraw tab.

So that there is no confusion, we have also added the BUSD value of your xUBXT, which will be returned to your wallet in case of withdrawal.

To withdraw, put the amount of xUBXT you wish or use the slider to choose the percentage.

Then just click on Withdraw and approve the transaction, that's it!

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