Staking Pools
The staking pools are the best way to earn passive income on SuperBots thanks to your UBXT.
Those pools are the same than on UpBots and give you the same benefits : (1) APR in UBXT + (2) A % of the performance fees received by UpBots & SuperBots
You can stake on UpBots and withdraw on SuperBots, or the contrary. The Smart Contract is the same and can be reached on both interface.
The Staking pools can be found in the dedicated page by going on the menu and clicking on "STAKING"

How does Staking work?

Staking will allow users to deposit UBXT tokens, or LP-Cake tokens directly on the interface in order to receive a reward. Everything happens in the blockchain, via Smart-Contracts.
These rewards are distributed to each block on BSC and distributed among all participants. At each block, the same fixed reward will be distributed, regardless of the total stored in the Smart Contract.
  • UBXT staking pool - The farming reward (a) is fixed at 0.75 UBXT per block. The "Perf fees pool" will constitute the second reward (b), distributed per epoch of 12h, and sent to stakers. Up to 18% of the performance fees are collected by UpBots (more info in "algo rental > performance fees").
  • UBXT-BUSD LP - The reward (a) is fixed at 0.378 UBXT per block
  • The USDT Vault - This vault allows you to deposit USDT in the pool, to earn UBXT, by placing USDT in farming pools like Belt.
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