Vaults are the corner stone of SuperBots.

What is Vaults?

Vaults are the main feature of SuperBots. It lets the user lock his capital in a pool while this pool is traded by algos.

There is no deposit and withdrawals fees. The only fees are based on the performance made by the algo, and obviously, the trading fees.

By depositing your capital in a vault, you share the pool with other investors. In exchange, you receive xUBXN, which guarantees your shares in the pool. The xUBXN can be transferred, allowing another wallet to withdraw the capital. So be careful not to transfer these tokens.

Each vault is following another algorithm. Be sure to choose which one to deposit your capital on as each one trades on different pairs according to different strategies.

SuperBots provides users with algorithms developed by 3rd parties. We are not responsible of the algos, their results and for any losses incurred. Vaults are risky tools and should be used with caution

The xUBXN are specific to a pool and to your capital. Their value is dynamic and they are not tradable on DEX.

How it works?

The operation of the vaults follows the following principle

1- The user deposits cryptos in the vault of his choice.

2- In exchange, he receives xUBXN representing his share in the vault.

3- When a signal is triggered, it activates an order on the vault's Smart Contract. The order is then sent to 1inch, in order to reduce slippage.

4- Once a sell signal is received, a new order is placed on 1inch in the opposite direction.

5- A. If a profit has been made, a certain % is taken and automatically converted into UBXN and shared between different wallets (algo dev, SuperBots, staking pool, burn) B. If a loss has been generated, no fees are taken, and no new fees will be taken until the vault returns to profit

6- the user can exchange his xUBXN at any time for the available capital in the pool.

We use 1inch for trading to reduce slippage on trades. 1inch allows you to directly divide the volume between different pools by optimizing the slippage automatically.

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How to use the vaults?

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