SuperBots Intro

SuperBots helps you make the most out of your crypto in three ways:

Invest, Farm, Play.

Curently, SuperBots is only available on BSC.
Our Smart Contracts has been audited and meet the highest level of security. A bounty on Immunefi is still active. For more info click here.


Automated Vaults

SuperBots offers a multitude of Vaults trading on DEX, and following precise trading strategies to get the most out of its capital.


Our Super-Vault is the tool designed to simplify your trading. This vault will automatically divide your capital equally between the 5 best performing bots and will rebalance each month, along with the bots evaluation.

Performance fees

The vaults are based on performance fees which are then distributed to the staking pool, to the developer of the algorithm and to a lesser extent to SuperBots. No profit = no fee.


Deposit directly from your wallet app. Unlike on centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, everything is onchain and secure. You can withdraw your capital whenever you want and you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.


Earn UBXN and other tokens for free with super high interest rates.

Earn UBXN with Staking Pool

Stake UBXN or LP Token, earn free UBXN. It’s really that easy thanks to the staking pool. In addition to that, get a % of all the performance fees paid by the users and investors.

Earn Tokens by Staking UBXN (coming soon)

More pools are coming. Stake UBXT and received tokens from other projects present on SuperBots.


Last modified 5mo ago