Algo Bot Access (UBXN Stakers)

You can stake UBXN in our APP on using a Metamask or WalletConnect compatible wallet.


Staking on - It is possible to stake directly in the UpBots Beta App using metamask and any WalletConnect compatible wallet. We have two staking pools which unlock the Community Algo bots, you can use the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain UBXN staking pool or the BEP-20 Binance Smart chain staking pool. For more on the UpBots staking pools and a guide on how to use them just follow the link below.

Please note all bots with exception to the community bots will automatically unlock when you make your first UBXN deposit to you performance fee wallet, each Algo bot will also receive the same amount of UBXN in virtual credit bonus (up to 2500) on your first deposit.

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