A collection of commonly asked questions and answers.

What is UpBots?

UpBots is an all-in-one trading & investment platform that brings together the best crypto and DeFi trading tools, bots, strategies and education offerings in the market, with future plans for Forex and Commodity options. UpBots provides a 360° trading experience where users simply choose the parts that best suit their needs, and only pay fees when they profit.Feel free to visit our website for more info.

How do I find out more about the UBXT Token?

You can find detailed information about UBXT at coingecko or in the UBXT section of our gitbook.

What is the HOLD Program?

The Hold program is an evolving process with the goal of returning as much value as possible to holders. So far in terms of rewards for holdrs we have developed our own staking pools which currently have great APR rates for holders who are staking their UBXT. Going forward, the staking pools will be further developed and will also be used to provide returns generated from platform profits back to holders.

How many people work for UpBots?

UpBots has a dedicated core team of 16 well coordinated and highly skilled individuals who are responsible for managing multiple individuals and teams. In addition to the core team, At any given time, there are likely to be 20 to 30 people working on UpBots and we generally expand as required.

Who are your partners in the DeFi ecosystem?

UpBots DeFi ecosystem is growing with more partners being added regularly. Recently we signed working relationships with Reserve Protocol, Covalent, Dex.AG, IDEX and HXRO.

Is UpBots non-custodial?

Yes, UpBots is non-custodial. You can easily add multiple exchange API keys, maintaining security by having withdrawal rights turned off. UpBots also encrypt your API Keys the moment they enter our system, meaning if they were ever compromised only UpBots can decode them. So overall UpBots is very safe to use and we will never ask for custody of your funds.

Is UpBots open-sourced? Where is the Github?

Our UBXT smart contracts are open-source and available to view on Github, EtherScan and BscScan. Our interface, trader marketplace and algo bots are proprietary.

Do you have a contact email address for UpBots?

Yes, here is our email address [email protected]. Also you can visit our website for more information.

Is there a main office?

The UpBots HQ is in Switzerland. You can find more contact details for UpBots on our website.

Is there any MVP / Working Demo?

Our demo version is live and has base feature implementations allowing centralised/decentralised portfolio tracking as well as swaps, manual trade and a selection of algo bots you can use if you are staking. We update the platform regularly with further development of the current features along with new features. We also have a selection of Algo’s and other services, including copy trading and signal providing due for release soon.

Why do UpBots use the blockchain?

The main reasons to use the blockchain for UpBots are the use of smart contracts in the platform to manage referrals, subscriptions and rewards etc... These systems can be automated in a transparent way and are great for building complex micro-economies on.

Is UpBots free to use?

At present the platform is in Demo/beta mode and is currently free to try out. The only feature that is off limits are the algo bots. However stakers can unlock the algo bots by staking 10K UBXT at FTX or 2500 UBXT in our staking and rewards pools on the platform. Stakers can try out and enjoy using the Algo Bots without paying any performance fees until beta or “phase 2” of the commercial version is launched.

Does UpBots only work with Binance?

UpBots works with Binance, FTX, Kucoin and several other centralised exchanges. Binance, FTX and Kucoin are currently our most supported exchanges for portfolio viewing, trading and algo bots. Upbots has many features working for Binance including all four of the current algos, you can also track your portfolio and trade manually. These features are in their early stages and we continue to develop and improve as we move forward and soon we will more fully support the major exchanges you can currently add API keys for.

Can you talk more about the UBXT wallet? What does that mean?

Users on UpBots will have access to a UBXT wallet powered by Arkane Network. These wallets will power the UBXT/UpBots ecosystem and contribute to the successful operation of our tokenomics. You can use your platform wallet to rent algos and other services on UpBots as well as receiving the rewards when people profit from using your services.