Algo Bot Information & Analytics

The Algo Bot page is full of useful information to help you chose the right Algo Bot for your requirements and enable you to track your Algo Bots to ensure they are performing well.

1. Algo Bot Overview

Each Algo bot is displayed in the Algo Bots page in grid fashion. Here a you can see a basic overview of each Algo Bot, trading pair and it's performance statistics. Simply select the Algo Bot that most appeals from the grid to get more detailed information, historical trade data and to set the Algo up so it can begin trading for you.

2. Selecting an Algo Bot for more info

Select any Algo bot to see a more detailed overview of what the Algo is designed for. In the case below we can see a brief summary from the Algo Dev along with more information such as pair, exchanges the Algo can trade on, as well as performance and max draw down data.

3. Configure

Once an algo bot has been selected it can easily be configured using the menu at the bottom of the algo's overview page. For a full guide on activating an Algo see the link below.

4. How is Algo Bot performance calculated?

The performance is uncompounded and is the simple addition of the profit and loss of trades.The profit or loss of a trade is calculated regarding the entry price and the exit price. For a long bot you make a profit when the purchase price is higher than the sale price. For a short bot, you make a profit when the sale price is higher than the repurchase price.

Example: for a trade making 10% profit, if you allocated $100 on it, the profit will be: 100*1.1 = $110

5. Active Algo Bot statistics

Once you have set up your Algo bots you can then see more detailed statistics and information about your performance and what the Algo bot has been doing.

6. Performance Evolution

In the performance evolution chart and statistics makes its easy to see how well the Algo Bot has performed. The chart tracks the gain in % since the Bot started. You can also see the overall gain, UBXN allocation and if you have any virtual credit available.

7. My Trade History

History of trades the Algo bot as taken since being activated. Here is it is easy to see trades as they open and close and keep track of how your Algo's are performing.

8. Bot Activity

In the bot activity tab you can the see actions the bot has taken since activation. Details such as confirmation the bot is running, buy and sell signals from the Algo with time stamps, quantity, executed price and total value of the trade.

9. My Active Bots

Use the My Active Bots tab to see all your active bots and their current position. You can delete and pause your bots here as well.

It's a good idea to make sure Algo Bots are not currently in an open position before deleting or pausing them. If you delete or pause an Algo Bot while it's in am open trade the trade will be left open on the exchange and you will need to close it manually!

10. What could affect my performance?

Overall economic influences on the market (external forces that are out of anyone's control) may impact the performance of your algo. Depending on the situation, this may result in the algorithm performing better or worse than usual.

11. What is the Maximum Drawdown (MDD)

Max draw down is the maximum loss the Algo is likely to encounter and is calculated from historical data.

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