DeFi Portfolio Tracker

In this section we'll explore the DeFi portfolio tracker that will help users keep track of all their allocated capital in the DeFi space.

The Defi portfolio dashboard is where users can gain a complete view of all their allocated capital on several DeFi platforms and two blockchains. Several data dashboards, powered by Covalent, allow you to view all liquidity pools, staking allocations, capital being borrowed or lent, and more all within one place.

Currently the Defi tracker supports ETH and BSC.

Connecting DeFi wallet to your UpBots account

  • Step 1 Log into UpBots. Look for the Add New Wallet button under the Portfolio section on the homepage.

  • Step 2 Add your wallet address using our wallet options or manually using the wallet address.

  • Step 4 You can now select your DeFi wallet address from the drop down menu. After selecting the Portfolio Monitoring dashboard will update displaying data of the allocated capital on your wallet address.

Now your Defi wallet is connected to the UpBots!

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