ETH Portfolio Tracker

In this section we'll explore the ETH portfolio tracker that will help users keep track of all their allocated capital in the DeFi space.

The ETH portfolio dashboard is where users can gain a complete view of all their allocated capital on several DeFi platforms. Several data dashboards, powered by Covalent, allow you to view all liquidity pools, stakings, capital being borrowed or lent, and more all within one place.

Connecting your ETH wallet

  • Step 1 Click Add DEX on the homepage or go to Portfolio Monitoring from the sidebar and select ETH/BSC from the menu above. Then click New Wallet

  • Step 2 From here you can connect your MetaMask or manually input a wallet's address.

  • Step 3 The ETH portfolio dashboard should now update with your portfolio data insights for all allocated capital.

ETH portfolio tracker dashboards

The ETH portfolio dashboards at the top provide users with insights into the total network of their assets, broken down into the total amount of assets they currently possess minus their debts.

The first chart in the center provides a breakdown of the distribution of your ETH assets stored on the wallet, while the graph to the right showcases the evolution of your portfolio over time.

Towards the bottom of this dashboard you'll find several panels that display your allocated capital in DeFi platforms. These plaforms include Aave, Compound, Uniswap, Balancer, and more. Details related to liquidity pools, lent crypto, and the value of your assets are provided here.

Now keeping track of all your ETH assets will be much easier by using our ETH portfolio tracker!