Create your Bot

Create your own bot, linked to TradingView or any other providers. It's simple and free.

1. How to create a bot?

It's all good to choose between all the bots available on the marketplace, there are quite a few, it's true! But if you feel like a developer, if you have already touched Python or Pinescript, it is now possible for you to use the Upbots platform to connect your own bots.
Here you can choose your exchange, the trading pair, if your strategy is long or short and the % of capital you want to use for each position.
When it’s done, you just have to click on create and you will then find your personal bot under the tabs “my active bots”. You now have to connect it to an alerts provider to initiate trades.

2. Send trading signals

You can of course send alerts from any system or provider. Here we will show you how to initiate a trade via TradingView.

1- Create an account on TradingView

No need for more explanation, you will need to signup on their application. They have a free version to start.

2- Choose your strategy

Select the pair and the strategy to receive signal from. For exemple, if you bot is on the pair BTC-USDT, select the right pair (1) on TradingView, the right Timeframe (2), and the right indicator (3).

3- Create an alert

On the top right, click on the "Clock" and then click on the Clock with a little "+". Then
A pop-up will appear. You have to select your strategy, and then you will need to create the alert for the opening and closing trades.
If you are not used to it, we advise you to watch tutorials on how to create an algorithm. Depending on the algorithm, you may need to enter alerts in the algorithm's settigns or create multiple alerts, one to open the trade, the other to close.

4- Connect the alerts to UpBots

In order to connect correctly the alerts to your bot, go on UpBots, on the Bot you created and go on webhook section on the bottom.
Then copy past the Webhook URL from UpBots on TradingView, in the alert pop-up > Notification > Webhook URL. Make sure your selected the right option.
Then, go back on UpBots and copy-past the "Open MARKET Order LONG" code, and put it on the Alert pop-up on TradingView, and give a name to the alert.
You need to create a new alert for a the Close MARKET Order LONG" if it's not include in the signal.
Then press "Create".

That's it.

Your alert is ready. As soon as TradingView will send an alert on UpBots, the trade will be generated, as long as you have capital on the account linked.