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How to buy UBXN on PancakeSwap

Step 1

Available on PancakeSwap.

Visit PancakeSwap website through the official link and Connect your Wallet by clicking the β€œConnect” button on the top right side. Connect your Metamask.

Step 2

Finish two steps confirmation on your Metamask wallet by clicking first β€œNext” then β€œConnect” buttons.

Step 3

Go to Trade section on left side-bar. Click β€œTrade”.

Step 4

Below you can see the landing page of trade section.

Find BUSD on the list to change default BNB to BUSD at from section.

Then search for UBXN. I you don't find it in the list, add our contract address0xc822bb8f72c212f0f9477ab064f3bdf116c193e6

Step 5

Click the β€œSWAP ANYWAY” button. Note: For safety reasons, empty metamask address is used while creating this document since there is no fund in it, Swap Anyway button does not appear. You should have it once you added your own Wallet.

Step 6

You successfully complete the swap. Your BEP-20 UBXN tokens should appear in your Metamask after confirming gas fees.

Swapping UBXN to BUSD

If you want to swap your BEP-20 UBXN to BUSD, now make sure you select UBXN on β€œfrom” section and BUSD β€œto” sections.

Video Tutorial

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