🫂Referral System

What is UpBots Referral Program?

The UpBots Referral Program is the new tool for our entire community to be rewarded - and earn income passively - by inviting your friends.

The referral program allows you to earn an initial bonus of 200 UBXN each for each friend who signs up and validates their email. Then, receive up to 10% of his performance fees ... for life, and 2% of his referrees performance fees. Isn't that great?

Discover a new way to earn passive income by inviting your friends to join the UpBots platform. Invite your friends and win together!How to get Referral Code?

Signup to your UpBots account. Then, on left menubar select "Referral" page to get your unique referral code. On this page you can also monitor number of successful referred user signed up to UpBots Platfrom by using your referral code. (see picture above)

Rewards system

1- 200 credit UBXN per friend ... for both

Share your referral link to your friends. For each user who signs up and validates their email, you will each earn 200 UBXN virtual credits, which you can use on the bots of your choice.

These credits cannot be withdrawn. They will be used in priority for the payment of your fees.

2- Get up to 10% of the fees paid by your friends

Level 1 - Performance fee of you referees

Once a new user subscribed thanks to your invitation, you will earn up to 10% of all his performance fees... for life!

The % is defined by the number of people invited. The more friends you invite, the more your % will increase.

You will then be able to track all your referrals and earnings on the referral page located in the top right menu, under "profile".

The calculation is simple: As soon as UBXN is removed from its portfolio, a % will be added to yours. This only applies to the UBXN that he has added.

Number of Referred UsersPerf fee % referee gets

1-10 referrals


11-50 referrals


51-200 referrals


201-500 referrals


500+ referrals


This does not apply to UBXN bonus credits or virtual credits due to the fact that the UBXN is not used in the same way as the other UBXN .

Level 2 - Performance fees for your guests' referees.

Do your friends invite other friends? It's partly thanks to you, isn't it? That's why you will also receive 2% of everything your referees' friends pay. The % here is fixed.

How to share the Referral Code?

We've tried to make it easy for you.

So, by going to the dedicated page, https://next.upbots.com/referral , you will find your personal link to invite your friends. You can share it directly on the network of your choice.

A QR code is also proposed, offering the possibility to scan it to facilitate the registration.

Terms and Conditions

UpBots reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or other reasons. By participating in the referral program you acknowledge that receiving payouts is not guaranteed by UpBots.

To read full "Terms and Conditions" please read the terms and conditions.

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