v2.3.4, October 7th

  • New feature : user bot creator

v2.3.3, September 23th

  • 2 new algobots : Laika BTC & BNB

v2.3.3, September 15th

  • 3 new algobots : Laika ETH & TRX & MoonRocket ETH

v2.3.3, September 13th

  • 2 new algobots : Smart FTT & Smart LINK

v2.3.3, June 7th

  • 2 new algobots : Dusk & Nuls

v2.3.2, June 2nd

  • Coinbase Pro available for the trading bots

  • Possibility to select the stable coin for the trading bots

v2.2.3, May 9th

  • Futures Trading available on FTX

  • 5 new algobots : Smart ADA, AVAX, ATOM and SuperTrader BNB

  • Improve performance of the dashboard

v2.2.2, March 29th

  • 3 new algobots Near, Atom, Supertrader BNB

v2.3.0, April 25th

  • FTX future trading

  • 2 new algobots ADA & AVAX

v2.2.2, March 29th

  • Possibility to allocate a fix amount for the algobots

  • 2 new algobots : Fluctus & Harsi

  • Improve performance of the dashboard

  • UX UI improvements

v2.2.1, March 16th

  • 2 new algobots : Supertrade Link, SXP

  • Telegram notification

  • New currencies available in addition to eur and usd

v2.2.1, March 7th

  • Multilevel staking

  • Future trading

v2.2.0, Feb 23th

  • Algobots close now

  • My trade page

  • Bug fixes

v2.1.5, Feb 7th

  • New mobile app layout

  • New bonus system for the first deposit

  • Bug fixes

v2.1.4, Jan 12th

  • 3 new algobots available : Swing Sniper BNBUSDT; Swing Sniper TRXUSDT; Gold Rush MATICUSDT

  • Total gain added in my active bot page

v2.1.35, Jan 4th

  • New UBXT allocation system

v2.1.30, Dec 28th

  • Referral system

  • Fix on shitcoins for the DEX wallets

  • Improvements on the trading engine

v2.1.20, Dec 15th

  • Huobi trading available for manual trade & algobots

  • Community bots available for ubxt stakers on BSC

  • Ux ui improvements

v2.1.10, Nov 29th

  • 2fa reset process

  • Notification improvements

  • Error message 'load market data' fix

  • Bot status in my UBXT wallet page is now updated

  • ux ui improvement on mobile

  • Trading engine improvement

  • User profile improvements

  • Staking navigation improvements

  • Bot allocation improvements

  • Tooltip improvements

v2.0.30, Oct 28th

  • UX UI adjustment

  • BSC UBXT deposits

  • Filtering on *@#$coins

v2.0.20, Oct 26th

  • UI data improvements

  • Trading engine improvements

  • New bots deployed shib & cake

  • Side menu adjustment

v2.0.10, Oct 13th

  • UBXT wallet ux ui improvements

  • account name fix in my active bots

  • improvements on bot activity

  • bot status filter (so you can filter on active bot)

  • password limit (64 characteres)

  • multiple improvements to Binance trading engine

  • improvements perf % for user trades

v2.0.0, Oct 06th

  • V2 launch

  • Vault

  • Trading engine improvements

  • Server upgrades

v1.0.80, Sept 13th

  • fix exchanges available on bat and etc bot.

  • fix issue on trading Algo bots.

v1.0.70, Sept 10th

  • New bots Wave Traders.

v1.0.60, Sept 7th

  • 3 new Algo bots.

  • Portfolio monitoring fix.

  • Fix on okex api key.

  • Withdrawal fees and possibility to request withdraw on BSC.

v1.0.50, Sept 1st

  • Fix performance fee distribution.

v1.0.40, Aug 21st

  • Fix on pending deposit.

  • Group transaction on etherscan for performance fees.

  • Bot filters.

v1.0.30, Aug 12th

  • Performance fee rewards available for stakers.

  • Fix on UBXT Burn.

v1.0.20, Aug 4th

  • Avax Bot V2 update.

v1.0.10, July 28th

  • Activation of performance fees system phase 3 official launch

  • UBXT wallet and deposits phase 3 public release

  • Stable Farming Pool added, Farm UBXT with Stable Coins!

  • Updates to wallet connect and web 3 wallets

  • Bugs fixes and tweaks from phase 3 Battalion beta testers.

v1.0.0, July 8th

  • Activation of performance fees system phase 2

  • UBXT wallet and deposits phase 2

  • More Algo Bots added

v0.9.10, June 21st

  • Connection with facebook / google

v0.8.88, June 18th

  • DAO v1.0 launched

v0.8.00, May 27th

  • Beefy finance LP farming

  • TomoChain partnership and Community Algo integration

v0.7.90, May 21st

  • WalletConnect integration for staking

v0.7.80, May 18th

  • PancakeSwap syrup/LP pool launch

  • Various backend / UI improvements.

v0.7.70, May 11th

  • BSC Staking smart contract deployed

  • BSC pools fully integrated into Demo App

  • KuCoin Manual Trading Basic

  • KuCoin Algo Bots

  • UI changes and Improvements

v0.7.55, April 28th

  • Eth Bsc Bridge available on the interface

  • 3 new algobots I-Robot BTC, I-Robot ETH, I-Robot BNB

  • Algobots filter function + ux ui improvements

  • Algobots performance gains/losses in USDT is now available

  • MDD automatic calculation

  • Homepage ux/ui improvements

  • New Staking Pool : UBXT-BUSD LP

  • General ui improvements

  • Fix issue on portfolio evolution stuck on 'loading data'

  • 2FA automatic validation of the code

v0.7.40, April 9th

  • Staking program live (UBXT pool & UBXT-ETH LP pool)

  • Smart contract staking deployed

  • Access to the bot enabled if user is staking +10.000 UBXT

  • ETH delete wallet fix

  • Portfolio evolution fix for wallets that were equal to zero in the chart

v0.7.39, April 2nd

  • Oxygen coin value conversion corrected

  • UX/UI improvement (side menu logic, portfolio distribution chart layout improvement, show all the coins in distribution table instead of grouping some in ''others'')

  • Notifcation improvement : add more information, clearer error messages, filter per source (manual trade, algobots), mark all as ready or delete all options

  • Manual refresh feature in portfolio monitoring summary to have an updated value of your balance

  • Connection to Binance Wallet extension

  • Bot activity details : add more information about the bots running so the users can see if the signals were successful or in case of error the reason of it

  • Link on UBXT widget coin logo in the homepage to directly add the token in Metamask

v0.7.36, March 26th

  • Avax bot on Binance

  • market value widget on the homepaeg (btc, eth, ubxt)

  • more info in the algobot user summary (nb of days running, total profit%, current position)

  • homepage portfolio card sort feature so you can sort by amount and see your main wallets first

  • dex wallet store data modif so if the user adds a dex wallet on a device it will be saved also on other device + save data for each day

  • swap page ux ui fix on the exchange checkboxes

  • fix on the side menu : reduce the menu when navigating on other pages

v0.7.27 2021, March 22

  • Link to multichain

  • Homepage carrousel

  • cancel order for limit order

  • algobot theoretical amount is now based on available balance vs total balance

  • fix on webapp 'page not found'

  • ux/ui fixes and improvements

  • FTX add an api key ux improvement : possibility to select main account or subaccount to make it clearer when you need to add the subaccount name

v0.7.24 2021, March 18

  • Sushiswap fix

  • Fix on ETH monitoring page (api issue that you also had)

  • Add Binance smart chain wallets in the portfolio monitoring pages

v0.7.20 2021, March 14

  • UI improvements made

  • Fixes to graphics

  • Flow improvements

  • Sushiswap tracker added to ETH portfolio monitoring

v0.7.18 2021, March 11

  • Fix coins conversion issues

  • improved the speed of the pages portfolio monitoring

v0.7.12 2021, March 4

  • You can now connect your FTX subaccount on UpBots and track your balance or trade on the algobots

  • Algobots are now available for FTX too

  • We fixed some ux/ui issues cross -browser (privacy policy page & terms & conditions)

  • Made some fixes on the portfolio evolution

v0.7.08 2021, Feb 26

  • Manual trade launched

  • ETH portfolio tracker launched

  • FTX trading for algo bots added

  • Portfolio tracker speed enhanced

  • UBXT wallet integration continuing

v0.7.03 2021, Feb 18


  • Manual trade buy/sell order on desktop

  • Check your orders & status in the my order tab

v0.6.20 2021, Feb 11

  • Integrating FTX in the algobots, status : we are in testing phase

  • Manual trade progress : we have tested market and limit orders on Binance and we are implementing an order page where you can track all your order and their status, should be available soon

  • UBXT wallet status : on testing phase too

v0.6.14 2021, Feb 4

  • front end devs are finishing some corrections for covalent. Portfolio monitoring still has a huge work ahead of it which involves reviews of the design. Not everything is functional yet. Portfolio evolution is not working for the DEXs, the summary page is not consolidating the ETH portfolios. Working on this tomorrow so we can try to have something soon.

  • Polling (for manual trade) should be done by today. Last test and perhaps that tomorrow it will be live.

  • Will make the test today for FTX algo bots. The front is not yet ready but shouldn't be long. If no bugs detected during the current testing, or for tomorrow or for monday.

  • UBXT wallet ... in finishing process.

v0.6.04 2021, Jan 26

  • UBXT wallet undergoing testing

  • DEX swapped added to the interface

  • Manual trade nearing completion

  • Front end for ETH portfolio tracking finishing up

  • Working to add the FTX exchange to the algo bots

  • Implementing design improvements

v0.5.14 2021, Jan 21

Integration of decentralized exchanges:

  • we can already add an ETH wallet, see its balance, its evolution and the history of transactions in testing environment

  • we are now working on the possibility to have the details of projects related to the wallet (staking, liquidity pools ...)

UBXT wallet :

  • it is possible in test to generate a wallet, make a deposit or a withdrawal (just deployed in testing)

  • we are still working on adding transactions in ubxt

Manual trade:

  • technically we can already launch an order in a test environment

  • we are still working on the follow-up and updating of this order if it is a limit one and the addition of all pairs

v0.5.11 2021, Jan 14

  • Reconnect algobot fix

  • New infrastructure

  • UI/UX improvement for swap page on mobile

  • General UI improvement (API key page...)

v0.5.8 2021, Jan 7

  • Swaps on DEX.ag

  • Mobile UI improvement for the bot performances

  • UBXT wallet front-end

v0.5.2 2020, December-10


  • Algobots closing quantity fixed

  • Safari desktop and mobile UI adjustments

  • Fix on invalidated API keys

  • Fix on the error message when reactivating a bot with a key that is already used for another bot


  • You can now follow your Kucoin and Okex portfolios

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