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This section covers the fundamentals of UBXN, the UpBots platform utility token.

UBXT token has been updated into UBXN. For more info click here

What is UBXN used for?

UBXN plays a central role in the operation of the UpBots platform and in creating a win-win ecosystem that rewards all participants for helping each other.

UBXN will primarily be used for subscription payments and performance fees between community members for the services they provide to each other such as training courses, Algo bot rental, copy trading and signal providing as well as other services available in the UpBots market place. Furthermore, UBXN is used to pay for performance fees, allows community members to rent their services and earn a percent of the profits when their clients win a trade.

UBXN also serves as a means of providing even more value to the community through holding a staking programs. This is achieved by creating staking pools and allocating a percentage of platform and performance fee profits to the pools. Over time this will develop into a more comprehensive hold program where UBXN holders can earn a host of additional benefits.

Core use case summary

  • Payments Platform subscriptions, signal provider subscriptions, training & other marketplace services are paid with UBXN .

  • Performance Social copy trading & bot algorithm rental. Works on a pay upon performance commission model. Indeed, in order to be fair to everyone, we think it is normal to pay fees only when you are in gain and always based on your capital. Thus, after allocating UBXN to a bot and connecting it to one of your accounts, UBXN will be deducted when you have made a gain. See the section about the performance fees for more information.

  • Referral Referrals earn UBXN for both the referrer and the referee, so members can invite their friends and earn UBXN .

  • Hold program Incentives for holding UBXN include free platform membership, higher referrals, free tools, and more.

  • Vehicle for platform reward programs.

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