Check/Modify your Bots

It is possible to change the account API key and position settings while your Algo Bots are on standby waiting to enter a trade. Here is a short guide on how to do this.

2. Click on the menu extender

3. Click on Trading Bot

4. Then, click on My Active Bots

5. You are now on the page to see all your active bots

6. Click on View More, for the bot you want to change

Navigate to your active Algo Bots and select the bot you wish to modify. It's important to make sure the Algo Bot you wish to modify is in a closed position.

7. If you want to change the account linked, click on the pen, on the side of "account"

8. Choose the new account and click on "confirm"

9. To change the position size, click on the pen, on the side of "Position Size"

10. Choose the new position size and click on "confirm"

11. In order to pause the bot, simply press "Pause". No new trades will be executed.

13. Click on Delete to delete the bot.

Be careful, if the bot is currently open on a position, be sure that the position is closed when you delete the bot, or track the position manually.

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