Multilevel Staking (new)

To continue to reward stakers, we are proud to announce the launch of the new "multilevel staking" program or "VIP Reward"

The goal of this program is to reward stakers by lowering their performance fees. The more the user stakes or hold on your UpBots Wallet, the more discount he will get.

The goal is also to ensure long-term growth of the token with more interest and uses of the token in the UpBots/SuperBots ecosystem

How it works?

In order to take advantage of lower performance fees on bots, users will have 2 options : 1- add UBXN on your UpBots Account

2- stake UBXN in the UBXN Staking pool on ETH or BSC.

The more the user stakes or hold, the more he will get a reduction in his fees.

In case the user has not yet staked, follow this article for more information on the process to follow.

For the calculation, we take the sum of the UBXN tokens stored by you on the BSC and ETH pools and the amount available on your UpBots wallet.

Your total is thus : amount available on UpBots + UBXN in the UBXN Staking pool on BSC + UBXN in the UBXN Staking pool on ETH.

nb: Virtual credits are not taken into account.

pageHow to Stake UBXN on UpBots

How to know your level?

To know your level, you can go to the "staking" page. After connecting your Metamask, you can find information about your current staking level and your advantage below the pools. For more info, follow the link "more info" on the same page.

Levels of staking

You can find the Table of discount on the dedicated page on the UpBots interface.


- What happens if I remove my stake while I have active bots?

Your bot will return to its initial performance level fees. You have nothing to do, it's automatic.

- I have an active bot, if I add UBXN to the staking pool, what will happen?

The performance fees will be automatically adjusted on the next trade and you will get the discount.

- I put in the staking pool but I don't see any decrease in performance fees.

Be sure to have your Metamask portfolio connected when you activate a bot and that the right portfolio is active.

- Is the proportion of token burned or distributed to the staking pool different?

No, the proportions remain exactly the same.

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