Q2/Q3 - 2020

    Creation of the Whitepaper
    Technical structure for the interface
    Trading engine creation
    Authentification - Sign up / Log in
    TradingView integration
    API Key Page functionnal
    Portfolio Manager V1.0
    Integration of BitMEX testnet
    Integration of Binance
    Multicurrency functions
    Profile Page
    UX Design Implemented
    Integration of FTX
    Encrypted system for API
    Listing : FTX - Serum - Uniswap - Sushiswap

Q4 2020

    Full responsiveness
    2FA safety
    Metamask integration
    Create a bot (front)
    Integration of OkEx, Huobi, Kucoin
    Sub-account integration
    UBXT usage page
    Listing : Kucoin
    Notifications system
    Performance calculation
    Algo Rental - Free access to stakers
    Binance Chain - layer 2

Q1 - 2021

    Manual trade - Basic - launch
    Swap System - launch
    Interface stabilization
    ETH wallet analysis - launch
    Auto-reconnect for exchange API's
    UBXG contract creation
    Speed improvment
    Users UBXT wallet creation
    Performance fees system creation for Algo bots
    Design V0.1
    BSC wallet integration
    "Perf fees pool" creation
    Bridge UBXT ERC20 - BEP20
    Listing on Pancake Swap
    Launch community bot

Q2 - 2021

    UBXT staking pool BSC / ETH
    UBXT LP pool ETH/BSC
    Interface scalability improvement
    Performance fees - UI/UX deployment
    Launch of 3 new algo bots
    E-shop launch
    Kucoin available for manual trade + algo rental
    Bridge integration on UpBots
    User logs implementation for algo bots
    Connection with facebook / google
    Create a bot - back-end connection
    PancakeSwap Partnership / LP Cake
    WalletConnect integration for staking
    UBXT LP farming added to Beefy.finance
    TomoChain partnership and Community Algo integration
    UpBots DAO v1.0
    Activation of performance fees system phase 2
    UBXT wallet and deposits phase 2
    More Algo Bots added

Q3 - 2021

    Launch of the performance fees system
    Launch of performance fees pool and automatic distribution
    Broker Link integration Binance - FTX
    Vault USDT on BSC - Development
    Vault USDT on BSC - Audit
    Vault USDT on BSC - Launch
    Launch of 8+ new algos
    Withdrawal system creation
    Allow BSC withdrawal
    TrustWallet Update
    Add Binance US exchange
    Algo developer view - Launch
    Adapt trading Limits to $50.000 per algo bot
    Elaboration project Superbots - briefing, branding, team creation, ...
    OkEx exchange added
    Grouped transaction system on Eth for performance fees
    New algo bot filters
    DAO Voting
    SuperBots.finance - Announcement
    Dashboard V2 - Launch
    Day/Night Version

Q4 - 2021

    Staking page & info improved
    Performance calculation adaptation to compound
    Fixed capital per trade vs %
    Bot Creator - Launch
    Onboarding flow for the user improved
    2FA retrival process improved
    Bitfinex Exchange added
    "Close now" option on Algo bots
    Mobile Application launch
    Add languages phase 1
    Add languages phase 2
    Rates & Reviews on algo bots - communities creation
    "Top up UBXT with Credit Card"
    Launch of SuperBots v1
    Deposit of UBXT on BSC
    Migration of performance fees system to BSC
    Margin trading integration - Binance
    Margin trading integration - FTX
    Margin trading integration - Kucoin

Q1 - 2022

    Add BitMex exchange
    Social Copy trading
    Create a bot - full version
    Referral system creation
    Bonus system creation
    Multi-level reward for UBXT Stakers
    Composite Bot launch
    "Decentralized funds" creation
    Manual trade - advanced
    Add trustwallet to bridge
    Add several hot wallet app
    New "submit algobots" process implementation
    Tooltips for features
    Market Info page launch
    "Future Market" launch
    Paraswap integration
    1inch integration
    Badges & Gamification
    Decentralized Funds - management page launch for managers
    Auto farming contracts launch on SuperBots


    Algo Lab / backtesting - launch
    HXRO integration
    Risk Management tool
    Tax report
    Drag & Drop functions for trades
    TradingView alerts on UpBots
    Training Section launch
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