How to add liquidity to UBXN-BUSD

Step 1

Visit PancakeSwap website through official link Connect your Wallet by clicking the β€œConnect” button on the top right side. Connect your Metamask. Then click on "Liquidity" and choose UBXT & BUSD.

Step 2

Finish two steps confirmation on your Metamask wallet by clicking first β€œNext” then β€œConnect” buttons.

Step 3

Bridge your UBXN from ETH to BSC. For this, login to UpBots platform on left menu bar, select Bridge and move your UBXN-ERC20 to UBXT-BEP20. You will be send on Multichain, our partner for the bridge.

Step 4

On UpBots Platform, visit Staking section on left menu then connect your metamask on BSC Network

Step 5

Choose BSC Network on top menu and click UBXN-BUSD LP to provide liquidity

Step 6

Approve transaction on your metamask wallet and add the UBXN-BUSD LP in the Staking pool. Press validate, and that's it. You will now earn a passive income.

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