Performance Fees

Perf fees are one of UpBots core innovations and how we aim to create an ecosystem that rewards everyone for success. Below is an explanation of how they work.

What are performance fees?

When UpBots users rent Algo bots or use copy trading strategies that demonstrate winning results, they'll accrue performance fees on the successful trades. Performance fees act as an incentive for algo developers and traders to produce high-quality trading algorithms and strategies.
Performance fees help us to maintain a stable ecosystem on the UpBots platform. A rough breakdown of the total fees you may pay on winning strategies:
So the performance fees range from 10.5% to 25% considering that :
  • 6,5% goes to UpBots
  • 2% to 9.25% goes to the Algo Dev / service provider
  • 1% to 4.625% goes to the Performance Fees Pool
  • 1% to 4.625% are burned

How performance fees work

Users can deposit UBXN tokens into their provided on-platform UBXT wallet in order to activate algo bots, pay for trading courses, signals, and other platform services.
By depositing UBXN to your UpBots in-app UBXN wallet address it then becomes possible to unlock and assign UBXN to Algo bots and thus begin automated trading with them. Currently the only algo bots that cannot be accessed this way are community bots such has Avax, for these UBXT staking is required.
Currently in the in-app UBXN wallet support ERC-20 UBXN & BEP-20, via BSC.