💭Who is UpBots For?

UpBots has been designed for New Recruits and Master Traders alike.

For the New Recruit

UpBots has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Every function and capability of the platform has a simple interface or an advanced one.

In addition to great user interface design we have made sure that there are lots of tools available to remove the guesswork that results in traders making bad decisions and getting their capital wiped out.

Tools for New Recruits:

  • Social Copy Trading Simply and automatically follow rock star Master Traders as they make their trades, and only pay for this feature when their trades are successful. This is our Performance Fee model.

  • Algo Bot Rental You don't need to know how to program an algorithm or build a bot any more. Amazing Algorithm developers will create and rent out their algo's on UpBots. You can simply browse, choose one you like and enable it on your account. Again only paying a fee for it when the bot is successful.

  • The bot Creator New feature available on UpBots, it's the Creator bot. All you have to do is to determine the conditions of a trade, on the account of your choice, for the amount of your choice and to connect your new bot to TradingView or any other external service. UpBots takes care of the rest. Easy, isn't it?

For the Master Trader

We have committed to creating and fostering an environment that really rewards Master Traders for helping their newbie brothers and sisters in the UpBots fam.

The performance fee's model is weighted heavily towards the Master Trader, who takes home 75% of the fee's collected by UpBots on a successful trade. When you combine that with the scale of a platform where potentially hundreds of users could be using your algo, these fees become a very lucrative additional source of income.

More on performance fees here

However even if you are a very talented lone wolf and want to go your own way, you will find very advanced trading tools at your disposal. For example with our Advanced Manual Trade you can set up multiple Stop Losses and Take Profit targets, Trailing Stops and much more.

In our Bot Creator you will find Trading View integration elements that will allow you to carefully tailor your bot to execute trades exactly how you like, taking many different signals into consideration. We have put an enormous amount of effort into create a simple to use tool that is also immensely powerful and configurable.

This work and our public commitment to listen to our community's feedback and always be looking for ways to improve, puts the Bot Creator aspect of UpBots leagues ahead of our competition.

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