👶Manual Trade - Basic

Introduction and guide to manual trading on UpBots.

Please note: If you haven't yet connected any exchange accounts you will need to do so first so you can send orders to them. Here is a guide for connecting exchange accounts.

What is Manual Trade Basic?

The Basic Manual Trade feature allows the user to execute manual trades across multiple exchanges and exchange accounts for a single user interface. Here is a short guide on how to use the feature.

Right now, manual trading is supported on the Binance and KuCoin for spot trading with support for more exchanges coming soon.

This is a great feature if you have multiple exchange accounts and wish to manage and trade cryptocurrency on them from one central point. All that is required is to create and connect your exchange accounts using API keys.

This process is safe to do and UpBots encrypts API keys as soon as they are entered into our system. Please note, UpBots does not support withdrawing funds from centralized exchanges and it's recommended that API keys be created with the "allow withdraw" function disabled for extra security.

Getting started with Manual Trade Basic

Step 1 Select Manual Trade from the sidebar menu.

Step 2 You'll now arrive at the manual trade dashboard where you can view the TradingView chart for the selected pair, Order Book, Trade History as well as your exchange balance for the selected API key.

Step 3 By selecting the New Order tab, select the API for the exchange account you wish to trade with, the crypto pair you want to trade, set the order type (Limit or Market), and the quantity of the crypto you wish to trade for. Finally, click Buy/Sell.

Step 4 If everything is correct confirm your order by hitting the Create button and the order will be executed on the exchange.

Step 5 After your order has been submitted, you can view your order history under the Past Orders tab. Here you can filter and see the status of your past orders and whether or not they have filled or been processed correctly on the exchange.

Now you are all set to begin using manual trade basic. Add as many exchange accounts as you wish and enjoy trading manually across multiple accounts from a single interface.

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