☑️ Token Security

Has UpBots been audited?

Yes, UBXT smart contracts were audited by Red4Sec and Priority Token.

Are there admin keys for the UBXT Smart-contracts?

The Smart-Contract can be upgraded by the admin, but in a limited way and within a precise framework already defined in the Smart-Contract.

Under no circumstances, new tokens can be created. No other fundamental modification can be changed.

Modifications may concern the addition of rights of the holders (Voting, etc ...), the % of fees to transactions and other elements to improve the user experience on the interface.

How are tokens held in reserve by UpBots?

All measures are taken to protect to the maximum extent possible the tokens and capital held by UpBots.

All current and future UpBots funds are held in multi-sig wallets, each created for a specific purpose and with specific restrictions on the number of validations required for a transaction confirmation or locking period.

UBXT Addresses

UBXT Smart-Contract : 0x8564653879a18c560e7c0ea0e084c516c62f5653

Reserve : 0xBfeDB0D21af59c0d18A2e9a79718864DEd2E9a26

Development fund : 0x6Cb480cb2A8e4B0C95692c9612CC062dBD652bAF

ICO distribution : 0x96Dbdb6C6605fe55A91B50F68e255db49f5AB1d2