Secure your account

Security is so essential in the cryptocurrency space. Quickly implement great security on your account with our step by step guide below.

How your account is secured

UpBots is built with security in mind. For example your API keys are encrypted with military grade encryption as soon as you enter them into any fields and they are never stored anywhere in plain text or ever decrypted.

Your connected exchange accounts are connected by an API which does not have the ability to transfer money out of your exchange account, only to trade it. Additionally there is no way for a bad actor to change any of the settings on your exchange account through the UpBots interface.

However, your UpBots account does hold some personal data and the ability to trade your capital, so it is very important to secure your account to prevent intruders from accessing it.

In order to secure your account, we recommend that you activate 2FA, or 2 factor authentication. The 2FA is a validation system that is requested at each login to prove that you are the owner of the account.

It is a very simple process linked to a mobile app like Google or Lastpass Authenticator, or Authy. Once linked, the app will show you a temporary code that expires, with which you can unlock your UpBots session.

This means that nobody will be able to log in to your account unless they have access to your mobile phone, or to your email account. We also advise setting up 2FA on the email account you use for your crypto exchange and UpBots accounts.

Secure your account

Below you'll find step-by-step directions to securing your UpBots account with 2FA authentication.

Step 1 Log into your UpBots account. Click on your profile picture and select Profile

Step 2 Find the Enable 2FA button to the right side of your profile page. Click it to get started.

Step 3 Download an authenticator app to your mobile device if you haven't already (Authy and Google Authenticator are some good options). Open the app and scan the QR code, or manually type in the code. (You'll see an "UpBots" auth code added in your authenticator app.

⚠️ !!! Write down the secret key somewhere and keep it safe. Do not save it on your computer. This key will allow you to retrieve your account if you no longer have access to the authenticator!!!⚠️

Finally, take the code it generates which is on a timer and quickly enter it then click Verify and Activate to complete the setup. Step 4 Once your authenticator application has been successfully synchronized to UpBots, you'll be logged out of your account and prompted to log back in, this time with 2FA activated so you will need to enter once again an auth code generated from your app. That's it. Your account is now secured with 2FA authentication. 🥳

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