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πŸ’°UBXN Wallet

This section covers the UBXN wallet and serves as a guide on how to top up and allocate UBXN to services for performance fees.

Every user account has it’s own UBXN wallet within the UpBots app. This wallet can be topped up and the UBXN balance can then be allocated to services, such as the Algo Bots. This allows the services to run and the performance fee system to work.

Topping up your UBXN wallet is easy, just click top up and deposit some UBXN to the provided address.

Managing Allocations

From the UBXN wallet its easy to view how your UBXN is allocated and which services are currently running.

Simply click the view icon on to go to the Algo bot's page and the UBXN allocation can be adjusted from there. From here it's also possible to select automatic refill to allow the balance to be topped up automatically should it run low.

The UBXN wallet is in its first version and will undergo multiple updates soon. For now its important to note the following.

  • Only deposit UBXN from an ERC20 OR BEP-20 wallet Address or Exchange account otherwise funds may be lost!

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