Hold Program

The special staking program for UpBots users.

Staking, features and much more.

UpBots is a community based interface and trading marketplace, and for that, UBXN will play a major role, among others via the Hold Program. On the way to an increasingly decentralized solution, the UBXN can be staked, offering important advantages to the participants. Reductions in performance fees or on subscriptions.


  • 1% to 4.625% of the profits generated on the platform go to the UBXN profit pool.

  • This will allow for an innovative system of return on staking, not based on transaction fees, but on user performance.

Account Benefits

By holding, the user also benefits from specific advantages, linked to the staked amount thanks to our multi-level staking program :

  • Discount on UpBots subscription.

  • Decrease in performance fees on Algo Rental and Social Copy Trading.

  • Discounts on training.

  • Discounts on subscriptions with our partners.

Earn performance fee commissions

By holding UBXN, the community member gains the right to propose Algo's, copy trading and other services on the UpBots marketplace. After Algo's have been validated by UpBots or the user has gained the title of "Master Trader" for Social Copy Trading, they can earn up to 9.25% performance fees on the profitable trades of the community members using their services.

So, on the performance fees go from 10.5% to 25% considering that :

  • 6.5% goes to UpBots

  • 2% to 9.25% goes to the Algo Dev

  • 1% to 4.625% goes to the Performance Fees Pool

  • 1% to 4.625% are burned

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