👥 Social Copy Trading

What is Social Copy Trading?

Social copy trading allows one trader to mimic or "follow" another. This method tends to be useful for more inexperienced traders who are learning, or those short on time that are still looking to make a profit in a market.

By using social copy trading, inexperienced or busy traders can trade along with a professional trader, copying their exact strategies and reaping the rewards. The two traders will enter into an agreement where the pro trader will share their trading tricks with the other trader, in exchange for a commission of the profits.

An automated trading tool will copy the pro trader's strategies and then replicate them as your own. The pro trader will only receive their commission if the other trader profits.

What do you need to start Social Copy Trading?

If you wish to enter into a peer-to-peer exchange with a pro trader through social copy trading, you'll need an adequate amount of UBXT tokens in your on-platform wallet to pay for the pro trader's commission on profit.

For someone that wishes to become a copy trader, you must have been recognized as a certified trader by UpBots experts and complete our selection process. This is to ensure the quality of your trades.