BSC Tracker

This section details how to use our BSC tracker to analyze your assets located on the Binance Smart Chain.

In addition to tracking the evolution of capital located on the ETH blockchain or within supported CEXs, UpBots also allows users to track BSC wallet data.

The BSC wallet tracker is located under our portfolio monitoring tools. You'll need to have your wallet installed and connected to your UpBots account.

If you have connected an ETH wallet before, then you'll be familiar with this process.

Connecting your BSC wallet

  • Step 1 Locate the "Portfolio" tab from the side bar menu to the left.

  • Step 2 Click on the "ETH/BSC" section of the portfolio tracker menu.

  • Step 3 Select "New Wallet" to connect your BSC wallet to UpBots.

  • Step 4 Provide your wallet label and copy/paste in the wallet's address.

  • Step 5 Once the wallet is connected successfully your data dashboards will load.

BSC portfolio dashboards

The data dashboards for the BSC portfolio tracker provide users with an in-depth look into all their allocated capital.

Users can view a breakdown of their total net worth of assets (in BTC) in their BSC wallet. This total net worth takes the user's total assets and subtracts it from their total debts.

The two middle dashboards provide the user with a complete view of their portfolio distribution per cryptocurrency. The portfolio evolution chart to the right showcases how the assets have grown over time.

The last of these dashboards provide users with mappings of their assets across several DEXs. Info on current stakings, liquidity pools, lent, and borrowed crypto is viewable in individual sections.

That's all there is to it! Now you can keep conveniently keep track of all your BSC assets.