UBXT Staking FAQ

What is UBXT Staking?

Staking will allow users to deposit UBXT tokens or LP tokens directly on the interface in order to receive a UBXT reward. Everything happens in the blockchain via Smart-Contracts and offers an interesting APY to the holders.

Blockchains available for Staking Pools

Users can choose to stake their UBXT on ETH network or Binance Smart Chain.

Origins of the reward

The reward is currently coming from the reserve of UpBots. There is no creation of a token. On the UBXT staking pool on BSC, there is also an addition of reward based on the performance paid and distributed to the community. For more information, see โ€œperformance feesโ€ section.

UBXT staking pools reward on Binance Smart Chain

1- the farming reward - 10M UBXT annualized - each block.
2- the performance fees pool - # of UBXT variable - each Epoch of 12h.

UBXT staking pools reward on ETH Network

1- the farming reward - 10M UBXT annualized - each block.

Whatโ€™s a Variable APR?

The APR represents the reward generated over 1 year. APR is โ€œuncompoundโ€ and while APY is โ€œcompoundโ€. Some staking pools can have a fixed APR or have a variable APR instead. On UpBots platform UBXT staking APR is variable, due to the fixed distribution planned per block. Each block we distribute the same amount of UBXT. Then, the more UBXT staked on the pool, the lower the reward per UBXT. The APR is then totally automatic and the % of reward depends on your share of the pool.

Why is there a difference between the APR % on ETH and BSC?

UpBots has 2 different staking pools for UBXT ; 1 on ETH and 1 on BSC. This offers a bigger flexibility to the users. For each pool, the reward is fixed and distributed every block to the stakers. The distribution is done based on the shares each user has in the pool. The bigger the share, the bigger his reward.
If the reward distributed is fixed, the % total of the pool is linked to the amount of UBXT staked in a chosen blockchain pool. The more UBXT staked, the lower % rewards per UBXT. On the contrary, a low amount of UBXT staked means a higher reward per UBXT.
BSC and ETH pools are not linked. In other words, if the reward is the same on both, the % of reward will vary depending on the total locked value in UBXT.
Since all staking occurs on blockchain via smart contract there is absolutely no system and no way to have a dynamic cross chains distribution.

What is the USDT VAULT?

The Vault is a tool developed by UpBots to allow users to store stablecoins - in this case USDT - and receive a reward in exchange in UBXT, in a completely automatic and secure way.

How does a vault work?

The Vault operates via automatic capital restaking on other liquidity pools, such as Belt.fi. A portion of the rewards are added directly to the pool while a portion is converted to UBXT and distributed directly to the stakers.

How is the APR calculated?

For the Vault USDT, the APR is calculated based on the reward provided by the third party, like Belt.fi.

Why is the APR variable?

USDT vaults on the UpBots interface operate as multi-strategy vaults to farm Belt tokens by providing liquidity to most profitable pools. Therefore APR is variable.